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Investing in growth companies?

Investing in early stage startups may be more about team and potential about

having all the right business processes in place.


Often early planning and adoption of compliance, certification, privacy by design and other regulatory activities improve company value down the line.

It is always wise to manage risk - also regulatory ones.


Investor Services

Regulatory DD


Have your due diligence process cover regulatory issues, mapping and evaluating privacy, CE-certification, and other compliance related issues.  Your Legal DD will not cover the business value of regulation. Your business DD will not understand the impact of neglected compliance, which might block market access or lead to high adaptation costs or even fines. Get a proper regulatory DD through us.




Compliance building

If market entry requires certification, you better make sure the startup you invested in has the processes in order or is ready to build one.  If data security and privacy builds customer trust and improves UX, the company needs to build solid business processes for compliance.  Regulation in as determining factor in business development and supports value creation in the long term. 




Pitching and funding rounds


Are you a Business Angel and preparing for your next funding round.  Considering costs, activities and impacts of (non-)compliance on your expected returns will build trust towards co-investors as well as confidence in the team. Show them that you understand and account for the impact of regulation.

Contact me for more information or a free assessment meeting to evaluate which model is best for your business.

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