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On the fast track to success?

Is Red Tape and Regulation Holding you Back? 

What I do

Almost half of all Founders, Investors and Startup employees think European regulation makes it harder to start and scale a technology business. (Atomico’s The State of European Tech –report (2017))


How do you prevent time consuming regulatory requirements from affecting your core business?


How do you manage the regulatory risks when investing in startups in highly regulated industries?


How do you handle compliance in corporate-startup collaborations – especially in co-development projects - where regulation is a core determinant of the industry.


The rules and requirements keep changing, sometimes they are contradicting, and they are not always fair: red tape, bureaucracy, CE-certification, data privacy, and more can kill your potential unless handled correctly.


It is a jungle out there! Understanding what is relevant for you supports your business development and growth, helps you demonstrates compliance and win the trust of your partners and customers. And it will help you manage risk, and save both time & money. Even better, it will increase your own know-how and competitive advantage as well as build trust and boost confidence in your business.


My Services


Investor Services

Regulatory DD’s for VC:s and angels


Startup Services

Rulebusters  for startups – Navigational tools for the regulatory jungle


Corporate Services

Startup-Corporate collaboration strategy and facilitation


Who is Anna

I have a background in international law and diplomacy, government, public affairs and communication. I've spent another 4 years of business strategy and mentoring startups independently, a mentor and later senior venture strategist at Vertical (former accelerator and current augmentor of open innovation).


My skills include:

* Business strategy,

* Venture strategy

* Regulatory impacts from the point of view of business.

* GDPR, EU Market access

* Funding (including EU Funding) and investor relations.

* Public Affairs and stakeholder relations.

* European legislative procedures and lobbying

Contact me

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